There's alot to love about



"I Love diandjims because It's friendly, homely, safe, staff genuinely care and treat my son as if he were their own" 


"My son loves diandjims Nursery because it's lots of fun, making friends, learning and exploring while gaining confidence"

Mrs Eke - Hexham Nursery




"I Love diandjims Because they are professional, friendly and good value" 


"My daughter loves diandjims Nursery and all the staff, toys and yummy food"     Ms Orton - Hexham Nursery




"I Love diandjims because of they way that they have brought on her speech, very flexible & very friendly staff i'm very happy with everything


"My daughter loves the diandjims staff, playing with friends she enjoys everything. She LOVE'S nursery "     Miss Alan - Hexham Nursery




"I Love diandjims because all the staff are very friendly and helpful, brilliant with the children and have flexible times to fit around my work hours " 


"My daughter loves diandjims and thinks of the staff as her friend's, she loves all the activities they do and the animals, she likes the occasional parties and fancy dress days she loves going outside and on little trips down the street and to the shops "     Lily eggleston - Hexham Nursery




"I Love diandjims because my son is happy and is always smiling when i collect him


"My son loves coming to diandjims! He loves the staff and his friends he has a lot of fun with all the activities he does"     Mrs Hall - Hexham Nursery




"I Love diandjims because my children are cared for by the staff as well as they look after their own children."


"The children can transition from babies right through to middle school in an environment that is safe and familiar for them."


"I really love the flexibility that we get being able to drop off early and allowing isobella to go to school nursery every afternoon."


"I also really appreciate that awkward settling in start times for nursery & reception at school are accommodated as are teacher training days 


"Both my children and i couldn't be happier with the care they are given and would and do highly recommend diandjims."


"My son and daughter love diandjims because they enjoy running around in the garden and playing with their friends, The nice teas and making cakes to eat at tea time, Writing and dressing up."


Mrs Wright - Hexham Nursery & Out of School Club