What time do you open? 7:30 - 6:00 Monday - Friday


Do i have to have full days?

No, we have half days too! (8:00 - 1:00) (1:00 - 6:00) or hours to suit


What age range do you provide for

Reception - 13 Years in the Out of School & Holiday Club

Birth - 5 years in the Hexham & Prudhoe Nursery


How do i pay?

On receipt of invoice usually received on the 1st of the month.

Online with a credit or debit card via this website or bank transfer we also accept cash and childcare vouchers.

For more info please see our Pay Online page.


Is there a deposit?

Yes, the deposit is £50 and is to be paid with your first months fees in advance of start date this will be held on your account and used against your last invoice.


Is there a registration fee? No


Do you do wraparound care? Yes at the Sele school in Hexham and local schools in Prudhoe with the Nursery.


Is the tea inclusive?

Yes, For the nursery and £3.00 for the Out of School Club.


Is the out of school and holiday club all inclusive?

No, children bring packed lunches


Do you provide a lunch in the holiday club? No its packed lunch only.


What time are the sessions? Nursery - 7:30 - 6:00 or half days 7:30 - 1:00 and 1:00 - 6:00, OSC 7:30 - 9:00 (Am) 3:00 - 6:00(Pm) Holiday Club sessions are the same as the nursery offering both full and half days but opens at 8 am and charge for the full day regardless of the session you require.


Do you have to pay for holidays and bank holidays and when our child / children are ill? 

Yes, We do charge when you go on holiday or when your child is off sick! We normally charge for bank holidays if you are contracted to them

(Please ask about discounts for bank holiday Mondays!) or we can give you a day in the same week if available.


Do you charge for inductions? No


Do you have funded places? Yes we offer 2, 3 & 4 year old funded places 15 and 30 hours just call us for more info.


Do you accept childcare vouchers? Yes just ask us for our ID number


What's your Ofsted registration number?

Hexham - EY356505 Prudhoe - EY283465


How much notice do you have to give for changes to bookings or cancellations? Our Nurseries contract you to set sessions each week however if you are wanting to make a permanent change or update sessions 4 weeks written notice will be required.


Our Out of School & Holiday Club require 1 weeks notice for cancelling sessions without charge.


Do you have a fire procedure? Yes, once a term.


What are your illness exclusion  periods?

These are on our Policies and Fees page


How do you follow their progress? Through observations and assessments

How do you deal with child behavior?

With regular staff training and following our policy


Will my child be safe at nursery?

Yes, we operate a biometric finger print entry system, we also complete daily risk assessments we ask for a password from parents to give to people who don't normally collect. Please see our Child Safety page for more info.

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